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Thanks to Georgia Tech, a tongue piercing could soon control a wheelchair

This new system would replace sip-and-puff wheelchairs, making movement easier and faster

Most people who are quadriplegics use sip-and-puff wheelchairs; they blow or suck into a straw to direct their chairs. But movement is limited to left, right, forward, and backward. New technology developed by a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology would allow quadriplegics to use tongue-controlled devices to command not only wheelchairs, but also computers, phones, and video games. Read more...

Tongue-controlled wheelchair technology

Researchers at Georgia Tech and Shepherd Center release new study

Researchers at Georgia Tech and the Shepherd Center create technology that allow people to control wheelchairs with their tongue, and an awesome tongue piercing. Read more...

Georgia Tech gets $2 million to study lymphedema

Condition is rarely discussed and often misdiagnosed

Sometimes called it breast cancer's "dirty little secret," lymphedema is a painful and chronic swelling of the lymphatic system that often affects women after breast cancer surgery or radiation.The National Institutes of Health just awarded Georgia Tech a $2 million research grant to study the condition. Read more...

Mapping the exposome

Emory and Georgia Tech researchers have teamed up to study the environment's impact on health

Researchers at Emory University and Georgia Tech have joined forces to study the “exposome”—a measure of the environment’s impact on health. The partners received $4 million, the first exposome-centric grant awarded in the U.S., to establish HERCULES. Read more...

Georgia Tech named 8th greenest campus

Those smart kids are eating healthy, too

All those smarties at Georgia Tech are keeping the Earth green and maybe themselves healthier in the process. The university was No. 8 on Sierra Magazine’s “Cool Schools” list of America’s greenest campuses. Read more...

Healthy chickens, dumb phones, and deaf husbands

Notes on what's new in research

Giving chickens an Italian oil blend won’t produce preseasoned meat, but it could ward off salmonella contamination, a University of Georgia study showed. Read more...