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Confessions of a fitness trainer

What your instructors are really thinking

There’s a lot going on behind an instructor’s smile. Here, four Atlanta fitness professionals reveal their innermost thoughts, pet peeves, and what they really, really wish you would stop doing when you’re in the gym. Read more...

The benefits (and drawbacks) of nocturnal weight-lifting

What happens at a gym that's open all night?

I arrived at Workout Anytime, a gym in a Buckhead strip mall, near Frank Ski's Restaurant and Lounge, at 3:14 this morning. A normal-ish kind of person works out as late as midnight and as early as 5:30 a.m., I figured, having done so a few times myself. But who works out in the vampirish hours between? Read more...

Learning to love the Viper

A month at Wellco Strength and Conditioning

The list of workouts I've tried is long and weird. Here's the thing, though: this particular routine has involved a four-foot long rubber pipe with handgrips called a "viper." I swore I'd never workout with objects that have silly names. But my girlfriend dared me. Read more...