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Countdown to the Peachtree 10k

It's time to choose your training program

Running the July 4 AJC Peachtree Road Race this year? Now’s the time to get in shape. Here are some local running clubs if you need a little extra motivation. Read more...

Where Atlantans run

Mapping software charts runners' routes

Want to see where people run in Atlanta? Check out this purple spider web of a map. No surprise, but people seem to like running in parks and around water. Read more...

The coach approach to running

Running coach Janet Hamilton shows me the error of my ways

Janet Hamilton is a psychic in sneakers. She must be. Before meeting with her for a session, I had asked this certified distance running coach and exercise physiologist from Running Strong to put together a list of things that runners do incorrectly. And the list described me and my running, pretty much to a T. Read on to learn more about the mistakes we make when we run. Read more...

Running Trail Spotlight: Rockdale River Trail

Over the hills and through the woods at Panola Mountain

If you want to get technical, southeastern DeKalb’s Arabia Mountain Trail system—fifteen-plus paved miles winding through two nature preserves between Lithonia and Stockbridge—changes names at the county line. The Rockdale River Trail continues along the South River for five miles and, by next summer, will reach Conyers’ Monastery of the Holy Spirit—where, if you want to get spiritual, you can pray with Trappist monks and buy a bonsai tree. Read more...

10 reasons I love the Peachtree

Waxing sentimental about the world’s largest 10K

Every year I run the Peachtree, I’m filled with all sorts of warm and fuzzies about Atlanta and being an Atlantan—which, if you’ve ever attended a pro sports game when we’re playing Boston or Chicago or New York, you know can be a complicated emotion to pinpoint. Here are ten reasons the city’s greatest athletic tradition is one in which we can all partake: Read more...

Rum runner

A look at how running and drinking really mix

A few weeks ago, I promised that I would, quite unscientifically, test out the effects of certain alcohols on my modest (when sober) running ability. I'm here now to transcribe the results, written in a sauced scrawl in a small notebook kept here beside my running shoes, which I now keep near my liquor "cabinet." Read more...

Running Trail Spotlight: South Peachtree Creek Trail

Short but sweet path weaves past ruins and over train tracks

Though short, the South Peachtree Creek Trail offers a romantic landscape—over active CSX railroad tracks, past graffiti-covered ruins of the old Decatur Waterworks (provider of Decaturites' drinking water from 1906 through the 1940s), through the lush trees along Peachtree Creek—and is book-ended by the thwop of tennis balls and the crack of aluminum bats at Mason Mill and Medlock parks, respectively. The winding boardwalk path is a sight in itself. Read more...

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