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Elderburbia: Why aging in Atlanta is hard

Blame subdivisions and sprawl for that, too

Subdivisions and urban sprawl aren't too kind to an aging population. Being car-dependent puts a damper on seniors who want to be able to walk or take public transit around their homes to get out and about. A workshop here Friday will center on what we could and should be doing to help seniors live here more easily. Read more...

AARP expo hits Atlanta this week

50-plus convention has speakers, concerts, and Whoopi Goldberg

Starting today, more than 13,000 seniors will descend on downtown Atlanta for the AARP national expo, called Life @50+, featuring seminars, more than 215 vendors and exhibits, and concerts. Read more...

Growing old in Georgia

This isn't the greatest place to age

Georgia isn't necessarily a great place to grow old. When it comes to senior's health, we rank 43rd in a new ranking. The report takes into account nearly three dozen factors including physical inactivity, obesity, insurance coverage for medications, self-reported health status, and hospital readmission rates. Read more...

Doctors over-drugging older adults

Dangerous meds for seniors in the South

A study of more than 6 million seniors in the U.S. found that 21 percent are prescribed at least one "high risk" medication. These prescriptions are a lot more common in the South, among women, and in poorer areas. Read more...