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E-cigarettes banned in NYC

Georgia State prof wants that to happen everywhere

Lawmakers in New York voted to expand the city's indoor smoking ban to include e-cigarettes. So now people can't use them in restaurant, bars, and workplaces. Michael Eriksen, dean of Georgia State University's School of Public Health, is all for it. Read more...

Help for Georgia smokers

Kick the habit for free

Want to kick the habit? Using grant money from the CDC, the Georgia Department of Public Health is offering a free four-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy, while supplies last. The therapy is available as nicotine patches or gum. Read more...

Georgia State gets $19 million to study smoking

CDC and NIH grant is the largest in university history

Georgia State University’s School of Public Health and its partners will receive $19 million over five years from the FDA and the National Institutes of Health to create one of fourteen Tobacco Centers of Regulatory Science. It's the largest grant in the university's history. Read more...

Cigarette taxes stop drinking

Research says when you don't smoke, you don't drink

Maybe raising the cigarette tax could do more than make people smoke less. It could also make people drink less. U.S. researchers looked at data from more than 21,000 drinkers and found that higher cigarette taxes translated to reduced drinking in certain groups of people—particularly male smokers. Read more...

Fewer Americans smoking

Smoking rate down, says CDC report

After several years holding steady, the smoking rate for adults in the U.S. finally took a dip, according to a new survey released this week by the CDC. The government agency isn't sure yet why. Read more...