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Yes, my home office has gone vertical, too

Now moving into Ikea hackery, this experiment is getting out of hand

In an effort to catch up on a book deadline, I took last week “off.” In other words, I traded my office at work for my home office and seven days of round-the-clock archive research and writing. Read more...

Taking a Stand: Standing might be natural, but you can still do it wrong

If you’re on your feet for hours, posture matters. A cushy mat doesn’t hurt, either.

Twenty-five years ago I met my future father-in-law for the first time over dinner at the sorely missed (by me, anyway) Indigo Coastal Grill in Morningside. It was a pleasant evening that involved fish cooked in parchment paper and glasses of zinfandel (it was the eighties, after all). I felt confident of successfully making a decent first impression. Read more...