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Atlanta is the 40th most active city

Thank the Peachtree?

Feeling cocky because you ran the Peachtree yesterday? Hosting America's largest 10k might have something to do with the fact that we're in the top half of America's best places for exercise. Read more...

Georgia ranks No. 43 in kid wellness

State has biggest drop in national survey ranking health, education, and more

It's not so great to be a child in Georgia. Our state dropped six spots in an annual survey of overall well-being of kids in the U.S. Read more...

Georgia ranks No. 5 on the national courtesy scale

We are, however, "occasionally profane"

Does cursing make you feel better? You might want to move to Ohio. A study of the most profane states found the Buckeye State tops the list of most likely to curse -- followed by Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Illinois. Residents of Washington, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, and Virginia are least likely to let go with a four-letter word. Georgia only makes the "occasionally profane" category. Read more...

Growing old in Georgia

This isn't the greatest place to age

Georgia isn't necessarily a great place to grow old. When it comes to senior's health, we rank 43rd in a new ranking. The report takes into account nearly three dozen factors including physical inactivity, obesity, insurance coverage for medications, self-reported health status, and hospital readmission rates. Read more...

Mending a broken heart

UGA researcher looks at how grief can make you sick

Being sad can make you sick. How we deal with grief affects our health, says Toni P. Miles, director of the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Georgia. She's spearheading a research project studying the connection between loss and health—and how to deal with it. Read more...

How gross is your purse?

It may have more bacteria than a toilet

Ladies, what do you do with your purse when you're eating at a restaurant? Or what if there's no hook when you're in a restroom stall? One in five purses carries more bacteria than the average toilet. Read more...

Fear of flying

Virtual reality makes the skies friendlier

Afraid to fly? Emory wants you. Researchers are conducting a clinical trial using virtual reality to tackle fear of the not-so-friendly skies. Although virtual reality exposure therapy has been used before, researchers are adding a new twist. They want to see if this will prevent a relapse. Read more...

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