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Yoga with the chattiest person I know

Silence is foldin'

Most of us have someone in our lives with a particularly pronounced chatter problem, to whom we may have prescribed yoga. That's certainly true of my mother, the hardest working and least mellow person I know. She needs yoga. It's obvious. And so do I. Read more...

Taking a Stand: Standing might be natural, but you can still do it wrong

If you’re on your feet for hours, posture matters. A cushy mat doesn’t hurt, either.

Twenty-five years ago I met my future father-in-law for the first time over dinner at the sorely missed (by me, anyway) Indigo Coastal Grill in Morningside. It was a pleasant evening that involved fish cooked in parchment paper and glasses of zinfandel (it was the eighties, after all). I felt confident of successfully making a decent first impression. Read more...

Heavy metal yoga

The lightness of listening to Metallica while doing downward facing dog

So it was that a few minutes into Honarvar's seventy-five minute intermediate metal class, which had attracted around twenty mostly sweet-looking young women, and a tattooed man, I found myself aping a stripper as Iron Maiden played on an iPod dock nearby. Read more...

A la Carte Classes and Yoga Cards

A look at Cooleaf and Passport to Prana

If you’re looking for a way to jump-start a fitness regimen for the new year but don’t want to lock yourself into a membership at a specific gym, consider Cooleaf, a website that allows you to pick classes from more than seventy clubs and studios around the metro area. Read more...

Laughter Yoga

A funny way to a healthier you

Sixty-three-year-old Jean Woodall tried tree-climbing, karate, and trapeze before she discovered laughter yoga and found a thrill that beat them all. She leads a once-a-month class called Laughter for Everyone out of a Unitarian church near Emory, and it's totally free. Read more...

Atlanta Yoga Club

Fresh air comes to an ancient discipline

It wasn't a good day for outdoor yoga. Piedmont Park was soggy, the late-morning temperature was an unseasonable 57, and clouds blocked the sun. I arrived early for the Atlanta Yoga Club class, expecting to find it canceled. Yet there on a knoll overlooking Tenth Street sat Lisa Cohen, one of AYC's certified instructors, cross-legged on her mat and looking very yogic. Read more...