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The People v. Leo Frank

The author of the definitive book on the Frank trial and lynching explains why the case still sparks debate a century later

Throughout the rain-threatened spring morning, pilgrims kept arriving at the Marietta City Cemetery. High school kids researching a history project. A Darlington, South Carolina, lawyer who’d been planning his trip for months. A curious college student. Read More

Launching Forward Atlanta (again)

Civic leaders dig up a decades-old slogan

Why mess, as they say, with success? That’s the apparent philosophy of civic boosters, who will reincarnate the Forward Atlanta marketing campaign the Chamber of Commerce first debuted in the 1920s. Read More

Flashback: Larry Flynt shot in Lawrenceville

Witnesses recall the March 6, 1978, attempt to kill the Hustler pornographer

On that warm March afternoon, what pastor Fred Musser first thought was the sound of freight palettes dropping from a truck turned out to be the crack of a .44 caliber Marlin rifle—a weapon designed to kill large game. Read More

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The historic district has been named "endangered" for the second time in twenty years.
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