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    Felicia Feaster has worked both ends of the art and culture beat from newsprint to glossy as a staff writer at Creative Loafing and as a senior editor at the Atlantan. She holds a master's degree in film studies from Emory and was born in Jimmy Stewart's home town of Indiana, Pennsylvania. A resident of the twenty-first-century Mayberry—College Park—Feaster was named one of "Atlanta's 50 Most Creative People" by CommonCreativ magazine. Feaster is the winner of three Green Eyeshade Awards for Excellence in Journalism by the Society of Professional Journalists.


Interview: Doug Blackmon

The Pulitzer winner talks about taking "Slavery by Another Name" to Sundance

As a member of the first integrated elementary school class in his hometown of Leland, Mississippi, forty-two years ago, Douglas Blackmon had a precocious understanding of the color line that divided the South. The experience piqued a lifelong interest in the complexities of race that Blackmon has revisited often as senior national correspondent at the Wall Street Journal and as the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of the 2008 book "Slavery by Another Name." The book details the horrifying, hidden history of the convict leasing of African Americans through peonage and unjust imprisonment well after the end of the Civil War. Read More