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Author Lee Walburn

  • Lee Walburn

    Editor Emeritus

    Walburn served as editor of Atlanta magazine from 1987 to 2002 and is the only person to have written for the magazine during every decade of its existence. He continues to write for the monthly publication whenever the subject material may call for his expertise, as it did during the fiftieth anniversary issue when the topic of Bill Lucas, former general manager of the Braves, came up. A member of the Magazine Association of the Southeast's Hall of Fame, Walburn has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the City and Regional Magazine Association.


Bill Lucas

The Braves' first general manager may be the most important player you've never heard of.

Bill Lucas died too young to be remembered for accomplishments in terms of records. Still, he had lived long enough for Florida A&M football coach Jake Gaither to gather his emotions and call Lucas “one of God’s great men.” Read More