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Flashback: Larry Flynt shot in Lawrenceville

Witnesses recall the March 6, 1978, attempt to kill the Hustler pornographer

On that warm March afternoon, what pastor Fred Musser first thought was the sound of freight palettes dropping from a truck turned out to be the crack of a .44 caliber Marlin rifle—a weapon designed to kill large game. Read More

W.E.B. Du Bois's Legacy Deferred

Atlanta University Center's most prominent professor ever finally gets his due

There’s no single, clear reason why, in late 1943, Atlanta University president Rufus Clement unceremoniously fired W.E.B. Du Bois, the university’s most acclaimed academic. Read More

John Lewis's campaign mugshot

The congressman draws on an image from a 1960s arrest

John Lewis’s 2012 reelection staff decided to embrace the congressman’s civil disobedience record with merchandise featuring a photo from the activist’s 1963 arrest at an Atlanta Toddle House sit-in. Read More

50 Who Made Atlanta: Martin Luther King Jr.


The greatest orator of the twentieth century inspired seismic changes at home that reverberated around the world. Read More

Jimmy Carter

(b. 1924)

No matter your opinion of Carter’s four years in the White House, there’s no denying his imprint on the city of Atlanta. Read More

Coretta Scott King


Her husband grew up in the heart of Auburn Avenue, the center of black America. She grew up on a cotton farm in rural Alabama. That made all the difference. Read More

Herman Talmadge


“I don’t need money. People give me things because they believe in me.” So said Willie Stark in All the King’s Men, and so, pretty much, said Talmadge. Ethics investigators found the U.S. senator from Georgia accepted loads of undisclosed gifts: airfare, clothing, fruit of the month packages, a trampoline, and wads of cash that he stuffed in a pocket. Read More

Hosea Williams


Hosea “Hosey” Williams served as a Georgia legislator, Atlanta City Council member, and DeKalb County commissioner, but his extracurricular activities earned him the most notoriety. Read More

Lester Maddox


Lester Maddox, best known as an anti-integrationist and chicken restaurateur, stumbled into the governorship. When his opponent failed to win a majority of votes, the General Assembly picked Maddox. Read More

Joseph Lowery

(b. 1921)

Lowery, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, is nothing if not outspoken. Read More