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Braves lose World Series—and get a parade!

October 29, 1991

On October 29, 1991, 750,000 Atlantans stormed Downtown to cheer for a losing team: the Atlanta Braves, returning from a defeat by the Minnesota Twins in a nail-biting World Series. Read More

Bill Lucas

The Braves' first general manager may be the most important player you've never heard of.

Bill Lucas died too young to be remembered for accomplishments in terms of records. Still, he had lived long enough for Florida A&M football coach Jake Gaither to gather his emotions and call Lucas “one of God’s great men.” Read More

Hank Aaron

(b. 1934)

Thirty-five years after retiring from baseball, the man many still consider the once and forever home run king keeps his hands in the sport he transformed. Read More

Ted Turner

Ten years ago, the CNN founder's bosses gave him the boot. Their loss is the world's gain.

In the forty years he has been in the public eye, Ted Turner has been called a genius, a jackass (by his father, among others), a visionary, childlike (a compliment), childish (not a compliment), a pioneer, a young maverick, an old lion, a straight shooter, egomaniacal, steadfast, restless, haunted, mercurial, brilliant, impatient, impetuous, insecure, generous, genuine, loyal, and cheap. Also nuts. Read More

The first Braves game in Atlanta

April 9, 1965

April 9, 1965 was the first major league game in Atlanta—an exhibition outing against the Detroit Tigers by the Milwaukee Braves. Although Atlanta won the franchise in 1964, legal disputes kept the team tied up in Milwaukee into early 1966. Read More