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  1. @SB Great idea! That would be deliciously ironic if the team had to leave one area because Beltline development raised real estate prices and ended up in an even hipper Beltline-adjacent area.
  2. @Turin Natonio Thanks for the note! This piece was originally published back when Rumi's was at its old address, but we've updated it to reflect its current address. Thanks!
  3. @Joy Sorry about the confusion! Please find those steps included in an updated version above. Thanks!
  4. @Andrea Kessler Awesome, thanks! So many choices!
  5. @Andrea Kessler Thanks for posting! I'll have to make a batch this weekend :)
  6. @NickG We still run openings of new and noteworthy restaurants in the back of the magazine each month. However, in terms of the weekly blog posts we used to do that rounded up the latest openings and closings around town, we haven't had someone on staff who could handle that responsibility of producing those week-after-week for about half a year. It may be something that we bring back in the future, though.
  7. @One Mississippi We recently moved the article from one section of our CMS to another, and our database team is currently working on moving the comments over. So they should all be here soon!
  8. @ScottL_9763 Good point! I think my vote for Westside was more to say that based on Forbes' rigid criteria for their list (and target demo), Westside would qualify as the most hipster of our neighborhoods.
  9. @LauraM_7318 That article actually didn't run in our August issue; it was from our September issue. We don't usually put that content on our website until the first of the month, but because of the timing surrounding the story, we hope to get it up on our site before this weekend. Thanks!