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  1. @laurens_9009 That's a good point. I'm sure cost will be a factor. It will be interesting to see if/how they offer GSU discounts.
  2. Dang, Rich! Guess you won't be invited to Eddie Vedder's Christmas party this year. :)
  3. I'd read those articles and was very confused. Thanks for straightening it out, Deborah.
  4. "This leads me to believe that either DragonCon has finally recognized Fantasy Football as the nerd-hobby it is..." SO TRUE!
  5. That sandwich looks incredible.
  6. Ron: Note that the above-mentioned projects are just a handful from a much larger list. You might check out the interactive map at (you can search by county). I've updated the article to clarify this point. Thanks!
  7. "Football and crab cakes... that's what Maryland does!" In all seriousness... I'm a big KRS fan, especially of the porterhouse for 2, but Bone's served me the best, most perfect filet I've ever eaten, and the $10 corkage fee is great. Also, my fam has always loved Houston's.
  8. Excellent (and mouth-watering) graphic, Evan!