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Publicist, writer, brander & foodie. Lover of all Southern goodness from Atl, Sav, Marietta & Tybee. In search of stellar holes in the wall.


  1. Elise has been grateful through this entire nightmare. She says she learned how amazing people are and how giving. It has been a gift to those of us walking this out with her seeing someone suffering such hardship embrace gratitude, grace and kindness. A little boy with brain and spine cancer is coming that night and Elise begged to do something for him. With a disease and protocol such as hers, it would be okay for her to think of herself and her family. But that is not her. This little patient at CHOA, Brayden is going to get a guitar on stage Friday because of Elise. That's how she rolls.
    We ask that you, the ones reading this to consider sending a donation to and also to post this article to keep it trending and out there for others to read her story. We stand with her for hope and healing. Thanks in advance for all who take the time to give. Love benefits all!
  2. My son gave me a copy of Mrs. Dull's book. He found it at Good Will and I treasure his thoughtfulness. We had no idea the history behind the thrift find. So far we have tried the spice cake and frosting. It was a perfect recipe and showed portion sizes have really multiplied since 1928. Her savory recipes include possum and other critters. So it's historically interesting reading.

    We look forward to Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubert's upcoming updated version that will cover all aspects of Southern Cooking. A staple-to-come, we can't wait.