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January 2012: 50 Best High Schools

The 50 Best Public High Schools
Our annual guide to the best high schools in Atlanta, including our ranking of the top fifty public schools, plus more rankings of the schools based on various variables, such as SAT scores and graduation rates.

Our ranking of the fifty best public high schools · Donald Young excels at tennis again · The sucesses and failures of our "giving meters" · Animals gone wild in our backyards · MODA's new shop from Switch · The Little Tart sweetens Grant Park · Madeira at H&F Bottle Shop · Chunky knit sweaters · Khristian Howell's prints
Food Fight
What's keeping local produce out of school cafeterias?

By Deborah Geering

Virgin Harvest
A group of South Georgia farmers is rolling the dice on a crop straight out of the Bible-olive trees. Will gourmet olive oil be far behind?

By Jim Auchmutey
> GALLERY: The olive farms in action

The Long Goodbye
Augustus Monroe figured he'd drop dead long before he'd need a nursing home. A decade later, his son considers the weighty financial and emotional costs that come with a parent's immortality.

By Doug Monroe
> EXTRA ESSAY: Monroe's 2002 essay on putting his parents into assisted living

Review Duluth's Golden House brings a dim sum revival
Column Thomas Catherall's staying power
Recipe Drew Belline's potato casserole
> GALLERY: Photos of the recipe, from start to finish
> EXTRA RECIPE: Belline's barbecue sauce


Style Southern Proper brings style to Dixie gentleman
Home Huff Harrington opens a home boutique
Fitness Curling takes hold
Workout A la carte classes and yoga cards
Culture The evolution of the Girl Scouts
> EXTRA ARTICLE: Profile of a super Scout

Best Bets ASO celebrates MLK, Annie at the Fox, monster trucks at the Dome
Arts A documentary on iPhone photography
> GALLERY: Photos from the documentary

Books An interview with Jimmy Carter on his new book

Hollis Gillespie What happens when she puts a gun in her hands
Rich Eldredge An interview with Morehouse's maestro
Deborah Geering A look at the Spotted Trotter
Editor's Note Thoughts on the caliber of our school lunches