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About LifeQuest
LifeQuest: Georgia’s Biosciences Magazine tells the remarkable story of how Georgia’s robust and diverse life sciences community is healing, fueling, and feeding the world, one compelling innovation at a time.

Georgia’s universities, hospitals, and start-ups are on the cusp of creating the next big things in medical devices, drugs, vaccines, disease management, and drug-delivery technologies. These institutions are proving instrumental in propelling the state forward as a magnet for attracting big biotech.

And thanks to a unique infrastructure that includes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the Innovation Crescent stretching from Atlanta to Athens; and world-class universities, hospitals, and trauma-care centers conducting cutting-edge research, Georgia is well on its way to creating a 21st-century bioeconomy.

Inside the 2012 issue:
How a strategy devised by Atlanta's most accomplished hero, Dr. William H. Foege, earned this physician and epidemiologist the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year for his efforts to eradicate small pox in the 70s.

Plus: Georgia's leadership in global health began long before biotech industry giant Baxter International selected Georgia for the site of its largest U.S. Plasma processing plant. In fact, Georgia is the place to practice global health and make a difference, thanks to an extensive supporting cast of government agencies, medical centers, top-tier universities, nonprofit organizations and pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.
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2011 edition
In the 2011 edition of LifeQuest, CDC director Thomas Frieden discussed battling tuberculosis and other infectious diseases while also targeting public health scourges that have environmental, lifestyle, or genetic causes. The issue also crunched the number of the state's bioeconomy and looked at clinical trials in Georgia that are providing the next generation of drugs, vaccines, and medical devices.
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2010 edition
How is biotech making a difference in your life? The inaugural issue of LifeQuest reveals the cutting-edge stem-cell research being conducted by eminent top-tier scholars at the University of Georgia; how the Georgia Institute of Technology is revolutionizing healthcare with nanomedical devices and bionanotechnologies; and the impact entrepreneurs such as Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus are having on trauma care and neuroscience in Atlanta while propelling the state onto a map of global proportions.
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