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    Digital Media Producer

    A Sandy Springs native, Jackson Reeves currently works on the magazine's digital team. In this capacity, he blogs about media and pop culture; helms various online endeavors, including social media, newsletters, guides, and editorial web content; and serves on the Emmis Publishing Digital Task Force, in which capacity he helps establish best practices. Reeves also contributes to the feature well of the print magazine. Previously, he was the assistant editor, for which he manned the style section of the book, while also overseeing other lifestyle beats. Reeves majored in media studies at Vassar College in New York. His work has appeared in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Hudson Valley magazine, Poughkeepsie Journal, and Massachusetts culture magazine the Pulse.


Hot Shop: Boogaloos

Brookhaven gets a Decatur gem

Known for its exuberant Bianca Coletti and Énui dresses, Decatur’s decade-old darling moved into Brookhaven in March. Boogaloos’ second location reflects Brookhaven (see our neighborhoods package for more info on Brookhaven) as much as the original mirrors Decatur. Read More

Hot Shop: ReMixx

Indian silks in Roswell

Let’s hear it for shopping in the suburbs. Wear, which we declared the best OTP boutique of 2010, has finally secured its own digs now that Johns Creek’s Red Twig has closed. Duluth’s T., with labels such as Rag & Bone, gets better with age. And earlier this year, Roswell welcomed another hip destination. Read More

Hot Shop: Vintage & Vogue

Bringing bohemia to the burbs

Historic Roswell’s newest addition, the consignment shop Vintage & Vogue, sells retro pieces from bygone eras (the “vintage”) alongside contemporary styles from prominent designers (the “vogue”). Read More

Soft Wear: Fashion-Ade

A new website for navigating your wardrobe

To the list of things computers can do for you, now add “organize your wardrobe.” It’s Cher’s outfit-choosing PC from Clueless in real life—almost. East Cobb denizen Jody Fennell initiated Fashion-Ade in 2008 as a program to help people figure out how to best utilize their clothing cache. Read More

Little Orphan Bunny

Edie Sayeg still remembers Nino. He was an “Easter rabbit,” abandoned on the doorstep of Marietta’s House Rabbit Society last August. The six-month-old had a case of Cuterebra, in which fly larvae hatch under the skin. Read More