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Little Orphan Bunny

Edie Sayeg still remembers Nino. He was an “Easter rabbit,” abandoned on the doorstep of Marietta’s House Rabbit Society last August. The six-month-old had a case of Cuterebra, in which fly larvae hatch under the skin. Read More

The Bully Problem

Rescuing one of the city's most overpopulated—and misunderstood—breeds can be a challenge

Under the sagging ceiling tiles of the DeKalb County animal shelter, three rows of pit bulls await one of two fates: a new home or euthanasia. Sergeant T.C. Medlin walks along the aisles, petting muzzles through the chain-link. Read More

Your Amazing Pets: Beauty and the Beast

It was an unlikely pairing, to be sure. But eight-month-old Mini Rex rabbit Shakira is the best thing to happen to Mack, a two-year-old bulldog-boxer mix. Soon after Midtown’s Nick and Rosa Arnold adopted Mack from the Atlanta Pet Rescue last April, it became apparent that the whip-smart dog was something of an escape artist. Read More

Your Amazing Pets: Angel in Fur

Buddy’s name is apropos. The seven-year-old golden retriever–Lab mix is just that—a friend not only to his owner, retired middle school teacher Shelly Weininger, but to anyone he meets as a Happy Tails pup. Read More

Puttin' on the Dog

It takes a village to spoil a pet—and as our survey results indicate, Atlantans aren’t averse to spending big money on their furballs. But one of the most pampered pets in the city just might be Prada, a three-year-old Chihuahua who is as indulged as her name suggests. Read More