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Bespoke Style at Decatur’s Houndstooth Road

It puts a European spin on cycling

Jae Schmidt was looking for a more sophisticated way to pedal to his administration job at Emory’s medical school when he discovered the English bicycle brand Pashley. He eyed its solid, hand-built frames and curvy silhouettes and knew he’d found The One. Read More

Athletic Shapewear: Is the Cinch Worth the Pinch?

Movers and shapers

Here’s the, um, rub. You have to exercise to get beach-ready, but you don’t want to pull on snug workout clothes that reveal the jiggle that’s bringing you to the gym in the first place. CityFity feels your pain. Read More


Three versatile wraps to boost your poolside style

Options from Everything but Water, A. Barclay, and Mud Pie Read More

This Peachtree Hills Collection Is Carried by more than 200 Boutiques

Annie Griffin flourishes across the country

Annie Griffin, twenty-nine, always knew she wanted to be the creative force behind her own business. She studied studio art at Southern Methodist University and fashion design at SCAD Atlanta, and soon after formed Annie Griffin Collection. Read More

1920s Fashion Returns

This roaring style jumps from the screen to stores

There was a dichotomy in 1920s fashion. Designers like Coco Chanel introduced a looser, more practical silhouette that freed women from corsets. Yet they also embraced the extravagance of the Jazz Age. Read More