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Should You Buy Cee Lo's Christmas Album?

The lovably eccentric hip-hop/R&B/gospel/rock crooner from Atlanta is coming out with a Christmas album, featuring cameos by B.o.B, the Muppets, and Rod Stewart. Herewith, a scientific approach to deciding whether ... Read more

Derivation of Dirty South

“What chu know about the Dirty South?” Aside from being a track and infectious refrain on Goodie Mob’s 1995 debut Soul Food, the term has devolved in spelling (Durty Souf?) ... Read more


Twenty-five years ago, there was nowhere cooler in the college-rock scene than Athens, Georgia. The Classic City famously spawned R.E.M. and the B-52s as well as a massive roster of ... Read more

Blackberry Smoke Releases Third Album

This band’s sweet jams really jell around the hickory fires of a barbecue pit—or in the cigarette haze of a juke joint—so the handle Blackberry Smoke fits the Atlanta-based Southern ... Read more

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