Jeff Clark apologizes for Ria Pell criticism

In a Stomp and Stammer Facebook post, the magazine’s editor expresses regret for comments


In a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, Stomp and Stammer magazine publisher and editor Jeff Clark apologized for the “crude, hurtful, disrespectful and insensitive” comments he made about Ria’s Bluebird owner Ria Pell in the January issue of the music ‘zine. The longtime music critic added: “I genuinely liked Ria and whether she liked me or not, she was always friendly to me and I, in no way, meant to demean her life or the impact she made.”

In response to my private inquiry for comment, Clark sent the following message to my Facebook account: “Hi sir, Very sorry I didn’t get back with you sooner. Things have been intense. Thanks for being a friend even when you have no reason to be.”

On Tuesday, Pell’s friends organized the Facebook group Boycott Stomp and Stammer And All Who Advertise There. At 4 p.m. Wednesday, the group had acquired 1,273 members.

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  • Bob

    Jeff – I don’t condone what you said about Ria. The lady was/is a credit to all of humanity. The fact that she is widely mourned is proof that she is loved and will be missed. I’d also like to say congratulations to you for stepping up to the challenge admitting that you are wrong and for apologizing. I look forward to seeing our community live up to the character that Ria possessed and rise above the covetous need to pummel the guilty. With your sincere apology you can be forgiven – ergo to give as before. Rock on Stomp & Stammer!

    • James

      Yes, Ria was a saint. She was next to godhood. She changed the world. She never did anything bad or wrong. Whatever. She was a flawed human and I’m sure she did her share of sh*tty things in this world.

      • Bob

        You James, you are amazing! You reply to posts that you don’t read. Can you read? If so, at what grade level? After you’ve read something, how long does it take you to fill in the reality around you with your own BS? Geez James. You completely missed the boat on the point of my post. You likely missed the vast majority of them (boats, points, concepts, etc) …except for the one that always goes over the falls.

  • SpaceyG

    I hope there will be drones at the crucifixion!

  • James

    The people who have threatened Jeff’s life, called him all sorts of names, and have called for Stomp and Stammer to be crushed are just as bad, if not worse, than what Jeff said. F*cking hypocrites.

    • atlpaddy

      Calm down with the false analogies and deal with it. It’s called ‘writing a check your ass can’t cash,’ something people like Jeff seem to do all too often these days.