Money Ball: UGA vs. Tech

Which program gets more bang for their buck?


Since 1893, the Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia football teams have battled in a rivalry known as “clean, old-fashioned hate.” We’ll let sports geeks crunch stats on wins and losses.* But as the teams prepare to face off November 30 at Bobby Dodd Stadium, here’s an analysis of what really matters: dollars and cents.

Georgia Tech
Annual revenue generated by football $25 million $75 million
Football program’s annual profit $9.3 million $52 million
Head coach salary $2.6 million $3.2 million
University president salary $757,000 $550,000
Annual player scholarship (incl. tuition, room, board, and more) $26–$46K $21–$39K
National merchandise sales rank (acc. to Collegiate Licensing Co.) 51 8
Stadium seating capacity 55,000 92,746
Players selected in the 2013 NFL draft  0 8
Avg. starting and mid-career salaries for alums (non-football stars) $59K/$102K $41.1K/$79.2K
Avg. salary for a full professor $142,600 $109,400


*For the record, the series score is 62-39-5, UGA leading; though Dawgs quibble over the 1943 and 1944 results.

This story originally appeared in our November 2013 issue. Photographs courtesy of Georgia Tech and University of Georgia

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