How are we the No. 1 city for both nerds and rednecks?

Our matrix charts Atlanta’s surprising nexus of gun racks and pocket protectors


We were both amused and bemused when real estate site ranked Atlanta number one for nerds, then a month later declared us the “most redneck city in America.” Sure, the methodology is suspect: Our sizable sci-fi/fantasy-convention biz put us over the top for nerdiness, and we clinched redneck honors thanks to a preponderance of taxidermists, gun stores, and high school dropouts. Nonetheless, one wonders how these worlds intersect.

This article originally appeared in our July 2013 issue.

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  • The Nerdy Redneck

    Dallas has the same problem; High tech country boys !

    You might be a “Nerdy Redneck” if:
    1. You use a GPS to find your tree stand!
    2. You decided where to place your tree stand based on the 4G coverage map.
    3. Your hound dogs are named “Vector” and “Render”!
    4. Your shotgun shells are stored next to your blank Cd’s!
    5. You keep your firearms inventory list in a MySQL database.
    6. You have used Google Earth to look at your hunting shack.
    7. Your 4×4 is “Blue-Tooth” enabled.
    8. You have spooked a deer by texting your hunting buddy.
    9. You have a satellite down link on your bass boat.
    10. You refer to your “quad core” PC with 4 gigs of Ram as your “4×4”.
    11. You have ever uploaded a photo from your mobile device to “Yahoo Answers” trying to figger out what you jess kilt.