Notes on the new Braves stadium renderings

Literally, notes ON the renderings


Atlanta magazine editors carefully reviewed the renderings of the proposed Cobb County stadium development and drew the below conclusions. Literally, we drew them.

(Just to make it absolutely clear, the below images have been altered. By us.)

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

For more information on the proposed plans, visit

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  • blah blah

    Wow how lame! What a bunch of pretentious bullshit. Crying because you can’t ride yours fixies to the game anymore? Clearly written but some hipster tool who thinks they are too cool to go “otp”. The misconception about the suburbs is so way off base.

    • Buddy

      LOL. I guess you are unaware that this stadium is being subsidized by Tax Payer FUnds, $300,000,0000+, which is 37% of Cobb county’s annal budget. That is money redirected from education, public programs, and given to Braves as a Corporate Welfare. Why is the this stadium being built, because the BRaves said it would bring them closer to their Fans which are heavily concentrated in the NORTH of Atlanta. “Even though Sports economists almost UNIVERSALLY agree that public financing is a waste of taxpayer money. See , , , and especially . The fact that it will have less parking spots than Turner Field and cause more congestion than before is also no help. “

      • Richard

        Everyone seems to be disregarding the increase of revenue created by the new stadium for the county. Remember, every single item sold in the stadium has a county tax added to it, plus the increased revenue for local hotels, stores, restaurants, etc will also result in increased County Tax Revenue.

        It’s not as if the county will simply be throwing money away – it’s spending money to earn money.

        I live in Cobb County and I, for one, am happy that the Braves are coming here. I might actually consider purchasing season tickets now.

        • Buddy

          I would ask how do you know that in long run you will be getting your money’s worth? What data shows that they will boost Cobbs economy? If so, why is not being made public? Would that info not easy the public minds, and be beneficial to Braves? Speculation is a easy thing but when facts are thrown into mix, its not as easy as typing form your laptop at home. I understand theirare two sides of the coin but we havent seen the other side yet…so I will be skeptic and you should be too. When corporation and Politicians are involved public never wins in long run. So where your source that shows projections based off Turner Field that Cumberland move will give a positive RETURN on this $300+ million investment? Assumptions are easy to make to make yourself feel good about the move but facts are hard pill to swallow.

    • ITP4evah

      Judging by your response I think our perception of the suburbs is spot on.

  • James

    No, it was actually quite amusing Mr. Blah blah, if that is your real name. I especially liked the walkway go the Cheesecake Factory. That may be a real thing.

  • Ap

    No seriously, why does that woman have a gun?

    • Terry


    • ITP4me

      Not a gun, Ap. It’s a purse strap.

  • Big John

    You missed Herman Cain’s paunchy appearance in the second illustration. He’s under the “f” in firearms.