Atlanta ranks No. 1 for steampunk

DragonCon may have something to do with this


You’re more likely to find someone sporting 19th-century goggles, a bustier, a pocket watch, and a machine arm while riding a skeletal, steam-powered tractor in Atlanta than you are in any other U.S. city. Movoto, a real estate site, recently crunched data on various metros to determine we deserved the steampunk superlative. For the masses unaware of the sci-fi genre, it fetishizes steam power, Victorian aesthetics, and inventions. It’s the Wild West mashed up with robotics, as seen through a punk lens. Kind of like Mad Max.

How’d we score the top spot for steam enthusiasts? We shouldn’t be too surprised since we also ranked as Movoto’s nerdiest city thanks in part to Georgia Techies, and our history as a railroad hub probably didn’t hurt. However, our plentiful antique shops and conventions won over Movoto. In truth, though, this award belongs to DragonCon. After all, the convention almost won the Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Steampunks.

See steampunk devotees in person at DragonCon this Labor Day weekend, or get your fix with this photo album from Movoto:

The 50 Most Steampunk Cities in America By Movoto Real Estate

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  • Sgt. Mustache

    To whom it may concern,
    I am glad that you have been chosen for your City of Terminus (also know as Atlanta, you might want to know these things) and it’s Steampunk qualities.
    However, I and others have some issues with the selection process, seeing as it was made up by a real estate publication, and not necessarily a Steampunk writer. Like many definitions of Steampunk itself, I would find the idea of defining a ‘Best’ Steampunk city a tough set of choices.
    Be that as it may….

    Photo #10 is most likely from the Boston MA or Providence RI area…it is the Emperor Justinian Stanislaus, Master of many Worlds and Dimensions. He continues his lifelong battle against that dread foe, The Dull.
    He is currently living near Providence RI iirc.

    It would have been nice if the photos had more to do with the actual locations cited, rather than used as simple props…but then again we can’t expect much of the Third Estate nowadays, can we?

    Yours from Plymouth MA and the general Boston-New England area,
    Sgt. Mustache a.k.a. Ryan Grimm

    • Sgt. Mustache

      As an aside, I recognize the setting of the photo, taken during the International Steampunk City festival in Waltham MA, hosted by the Charles River Museum of Innovation and Technology (CRMI.ORG), they also host a regular monthly Steampunk Meetup, and are a focus of Steampunk in our area.

      His Emperial Majesty will be representing Himself and His Red Fork Empire soon at a Waterfire event in Providence RI in a few weeks….a web search will locate this information.
      Please come out to see them at The Stone Bank, it will be interesting!

  • Gunner Hildebrand

    I find Terminus to be a worthy recipient of the honor of the most steampunkerious city in the nation. There must needs be a winner, and I believe that Movoto was inspired, nay, compelled, to bestow this esteem upon the New York of the South. Admirable job, ladies and gentlemen. Carry on as you were.