The best place to live in Georgia is . . . Canton?

A real estate blog gives props to just about everywhere but the ATL


While the folks at the real estate blog think Atlanta excels in nerdiness and redneckery, they’ve concocted a new list where, oddly enough, the city doesn’t place at all. Movoto’s “10 Best Places in Georgia” roster doesn’t include the state’s capital.  That’s right; Atlanta evidently doesn’t rate. The most peachy keen of Georgia’s places to live is none other than (drum roll, please) Canton.

Movoto’s explanation: a data-and-statistics-based formula used to identify real estate Utopias by ranking total amenities, crime, tax rates, employment, commute time, and weather (uh, humid). The rankings don’t include access to mass transit, but do include a multifaceted “quality of life” tabulation that assesses the cost of living, median home price, median rent, median household income, and student-to-teacher ratio in public schools.

Movoto’s List of the Best Places in Georgia

 1. Canton  
 2. Peachtree City  
 3. Athens
 4. Alpharetta
 5. Perry
 6. Fayetteville
 7. Duluth
 8. Woodstock
 9. Norcross
 10.Kennesaw (tie)  
 10. Gainesville (tie)   

The ratings certainly skew toward suburbia and smaller cities and we suppose that for those seeking residency in the Peach State, the list may be a nice reference. But those of us inside the city itself are still trying to make sense of its exclusion.  

In the meantime, Canton, go ahead and brag.

The 10 Best Places In Georgia By Movoto Real Estate

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  • Carlton Carter

    Well you have a lesser chance of being carjacked, raped or murdered if you live in Canton or the other fine towns listed. Having lived in Decatur, Atlanta, Marietta and now Canton it escapes me how the populace seems moved more by political correctness than by individual Critical Analysis. Good luck to you and your progeny.

    You might want to explore the concept of Critical Analysis rather than adopting thought provided by others who have never explored that approach themselves..

  • M.

    I think Canton deserves its title as a best place to live. Alpharetta deserves to be up there too. As Carlton stated below, both are safe…you also have access to affordable homes, decent schools, and a great lifestyle.