Why is Michael Lake still in a Cobb County jail?

The Smyrna man has been locked up for 19 months without bond.


A mentally ill Smyrna man has been sitting in Cobb County jail for nineteen months without bond for essentially mailing legal papers to a junior-high crush he hadn’t seen for almost fifteen years.

And even though a Cobb County Superior Court judge dismissed his indictment on the charge of aggravated stalking three weeks ago, thirty-four-year-old Michael Lake is still awaiting his day in court. “My fear is that Michael has not been afforded the protections he is entitled to as an American citizen,” says Cynthia Counts, a prominent Atlanta first amendment attorney who has taken an interest in the case. “I think the justice system has somehow failed him here. And if it can happen to him, it could happen to anyone.”

The story begins almost twenty years ago at a junior high school in Skowhegan, Maine. There, Lake was a young math prodigy—a label that came with certain social drawbacks. “He was tall, skinny, wore glasses, and too smart,” says his mother, Mary Lake. “He got picked on a lot.” Then one day in eighth-grade algebra, Leslie, the cute girl who sat next to Lake said “hi.” “I would just say ‘hi’ everyday, just being cordial,” says Leslie. The two lived in separate towns, never saw or spoke to one another outside of class. But at the end of the year, Lake asked Leslie to sign his yearbook, which she did: Mike, I only know you from algebra, but you seem like a good guy. Have a great summer. Your friend, Leslie.

According to Leslie, that’s when Lake’s obsession began. She says Lake would follow her around the halls of the school (never outside of the building). During the summers, he would call her house to ask her to lunch. She told him to stop calling. Then, she says, his mother would call telling her he wouldn’t come out of his room, imploring her to be his friend. (Mary Lake denies this.) Finally, Leslie claims, during their senior year, Lake allegedly submitted a note to the yearbook staff threatening to blow up the school if she didn’t marry him by the end of the year. She says that her mother took out a restraining order against Lake on her daughter’s behalf. (Lake’s mother acknowledges the restraining order, but she vehemently denies any threats, and the Skowhegan Police Department was unable to locate any records of the incident; Lake’s attorney, Kevin Rodgers, declined to comment for this story).

Then things went quiet. Leslie went off to college in Pennsylvania without announcing it in the local paper, essentially disconnecting with most of her high school friends. “I was in my own little witness relocation program,” she says. Meanwhile, Lake attended school in Maine where he fell into depression, says his mother, mostly over Leslie. He was having panic attacks, difficulty concentrating, and an odd fear of telephones, because Leslie had told him to leave her alone over the phone. He sought evaluations from counselors at several institutions, and, according to court documents, came away with a diagnosis of “overvalued ideation”—a subcategory of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in which the person does not recognize their obsession. Still, over the next decade, through several schools, Lake managed to get a degree in computer information systems.

By 2006, Leslie had moved to Atlanta with a boyfriend, whom she planned to marry that year. When he learned of the impending wedding through a friend, Lake reached out to Leslie for the first time in a decade, through her MySpace page, urging her not to do it. She did not respond. “I just deleted my MySpace,” she says. “I was hoping it would just go away.” Instead, Lake moved to Atlanta.

Despite his proximity, there’s no evidence that Lake ever attempted to visit Leslie. He did, however, send her a handful of direct (and unanswered) emails. He set up a website, where, in 2008, he posted a petition for Leslie to: live up to her promise and accept Michael as a friend, and, for the first time in fourteen years, treat him like a human being.

In 2011 Leslie and her husband divorced. Lake reached out to Leslie again, but this time through LinkedIn, saying he would be at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant near his college every Saturday and he hoped that she would meet him there. Now knowing that Lake wasn’t going to go away, Leslie responded for the first time since high school, asking him to stop, to move on, and, please, not to write back.

Of course he did. And on October 18, 2011, Leslie was granted a temporary protection order in Cobb County Superior Court. At the initial hearing, Lake suffered a panic attack and hyperventilated while trying to defend himself. Then, acting as his own attorney, Lake mailed to Leslie a copy of his appeal of the protective order along with copies of emails and blogposts about Leslie and resources to help her with what he characterized as her “paranoia.”

That mailing, along with two posts he made on his website are cited on the warrant for Lake’s arrest, executed on November 28, 2011 at his Smyrna apartment. But the indictment rests solely on the grounds that mailing that package violated the protection order. Two weeks shy of finals at Kennesaw State University where the thirty-two-year-old was seeking a degree in mathematics, he was denied bond because Cobb Superior Court Judge S. Lark Ingram felt he posed a “significant risk of contacting or intimidating the witness”—the reason repeated after five subsequent failed requests for bail.

In May 2012, the court ordered Lake to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, through which he was deemed unfit to stand trial due to “irrational, tangential, and perseverative thinking and his impaired reality testing . . . because Mr. Lake’s deficits are due to mental illness, he will need psychiatric and mental health treatment.”

Lake sat in Cobb County jail for a year with little movement on his case. Then, according to attorney Counts, in October 2012, prosecutors approached him with a deal: He could plead to a misdemeanor and walk with two years probation. He refused. In November, a second psychiatric evaluation cleared him to stand trial. In December, again, the state approached him with another deal, and Lake was adamant that he would not admit guilt. Finally, in February, Lake’s newest court-appointed attorney filed a motion to dismiss the charges. But it wasn’t until June 14, 2013, that Judge Ingram granted the dismissal, throwing out the indictment.

And yet, Lake is still not free. Why not? Because his arrest warrant is still in effect, according to Charles Boring, a Cobb County assistant district attorney, and Judge Ingram’s office. The court has given Boring until July 18 to evaluate what’s left of the prosecution’s case and decide whether they want to re-indict Lake or drop charges altogether. And although he says he can’t go into specifics while the case is still pending, Boring says, “there are concerns about the defendant. That’s why we’ve appealed bond so vehemently. There’s a reason he’s been in jail.”

Counts suspects the real reasons. “You don’t use the justice system to deal with fears of future conduct due to mental illness,” she says. ”In (Leslie’s) mind, he’s distasteful, and that’s not a basis to lock someone up—especially for nineteen months. So Michael remains in jail to this day over words and a love that, although misguided, has violated no law.”

For her part, Leslie says she wishes Lake no harm. And while she is still fearful for her safety, she doesn’t want Lake to spend the rest of his life in jail. She just wants for him to get the psychiatric help he needs—and to move on without her. “I’m genuinely afraid of this person,” she says. “I don’t know what he’s capable of.”

Lake’s mother does. Mary Lake acknowledges her son’s mental problems, but believes he can overcome them with the right treatment. Still, Mary Lake sees her son’s primary malady as a “heart problem.”

“He fell in love and didn’t seem to be able to get over it,” Mary Lake says. “The girl of his dreams became a nightmare.”

Note: This story has been updated to correct Lake’s age and to clarify the location of the Mellow Mushroom restaurant.

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  • Johnny

    This man sounds like a nut job and needs to be put in a padded room before he really hurts someone! The parents need to step in and get their son the help he needs. I hope this young lady can finally be left alone after all these years.

  • Laurie

    This man has tormented my sister, Leslie, to much greater lengths than what is revealed in this article as well as stalking our mother (because he claims she ruined his life when she got the first restraining order on my sister’s behalf).

    Our family has reached out to his family to plead for him to get psychiatric help to which has been unsuccessful.

    Our family has rested knowing Mike has been behind bars and hasn’t had to worry that our lives would become something you see in the movies…that my sister would be kidnapped because of his delusional infatuation with her.

  • Scott

    Laurie – I certainly see what you’re saying and I’m glad you and your family have gotten some rest, but something isn’t right about this. For one, it doesn’t look like he’s actually broken any laws. To be held in jail without bond just doesn’t make sense. If he hasn’t even seen her in 15 years, it doesn’t sound like he is stalking her. Sounds to me like he is just overly infatuated and needs counseling.

    Actually sounds a little dramatic to me… “Leslie went off to college in Pennsylvania without announcing it in the local paper, essentially disconnecting with most of her high school friends. ‘I was in my own little witness relocation program,’” she says.”

    Who announces going to college in the local paper? Who’s still upset about it 15 years later? Maybe she has a few issues of her own to work out!

    • Kelly


      Did it ever cross your mind that maybe announcing your college acceptance is tradition, for every graduating high school senior, in some towns? And for you to use that one fact as a reason to accuse this poor girl of having her own issues is appalling. Shame on you!

      Who writes to someone decades later asking to meet after repeated requests to be left alone in addition to restraining orders? I’ll remind you that these types of behaviors are the same ones displayed by those who have shot at students and killed their objects of affection. If our legal system isn’t going to throw this man into a mental institution, then I’m glad he’s in jail. He was deemed unfit to stand trial. Seems to me that there may be a few key facts missing from this article.

      It looks like Leslie is once again the victim. My heart breaks for her. I hope this nightmare ends for her one day. I can’t imagine living in constant fear the way she must have for so long.

    • Doug

      The writing style of this article is a little heavy handed, but you might get a better idea of what was going on from it:

      He went far beyond what’s written here, and she was deprived of a normal life because of it.

    • http://jezebel.com/reading-through-this-gave-me-a-major-case-of-the-anxiet-980225687 Jack

      You should definitely take a look at this article as well. There are key facts that are missing from this article.


  • Katie

    I agree with Scott. It sounds to me like he is in need of counseling to help him properly cope with his fixation — not incarceration. Nothing in the article suggests that he has been violent toward your sister or threatened her in any way. The fact that they haven’t seen each other in 15 years — yet he is currently sitting in jail for aggravated stalking — is mind-boggling. While your sister may certainly be bothered by the fact that he has tried to get in touch with her, that should not be a basis for throwing someone in jail for almost two years.

    • Atlgurl

      @Katie – You have NO idea how awful, scary and life altering it is to have a stalker. No one in their right mind does things like this to another person.

      And your statement “while your sister may certainly be bothered by the fact that he has tried to get in touch with her”…are you really that much of an idiot? He tried to get her to MARRY him after years and years and years of her avoiding him. He’s sick and dangerous.

      • gophuckyourself

        And you’re an idiot. You can’t have a stalker unless he actually PHYSICALLY follows you in person within eyesight range or watching you from a fixed position position at a similar proximity. If he didn’t know her actual physical location and the most he did was message her obsessively and invite her to meet then that’s only grounds for harassment. He’s mentally ill. Case closed. So he’s not a normal therefore should not be compared to one when referencing how he should act. He and his mother should be offered a two option deal. Option one: move to another state or a certain(very large in this situation) distance of miles away with restrictions to social networking access or contact of any form. Option two: mental care facility(not one of prison standard or format) and that’s the most that should cone of this. I mean seriously it’s like sentencing a fifth grade child to 6 months in Juvenile for bullying another child all year. If she was so worried to the point she put herself through homemade witness protection methods then she could surely change her social media name to a nickname or alias that only ppl she wanted contacting her would know bc shed have to tell them personally how to search her profile. How dumb are ppl these days really? I’m changed my facebook name to my first and middle bane only instead of middle and last then walah!!! My psycho ex fiance can’t find me bc my profile ALSO is set to private viewing only which means no public user can find me no matter how hard they search even if they look on my friends friend list lol. Yea you can do that if you’re smart enough to set up your own account dee da dee. Just saying. Ppl are so dramatic seriously. He’s f***ing mentally handicapped for Christ Sake. Its a fact that some mental illnesses are permanently integrated into the brain once the brain stops development around age 24 so if not corrected before then it might not be connectable, but the obsession or fixation can be redirected or targeted towards another object or interest that’s less problematic or dangerous. So he definitely shouldn’t be in jail bc that’s just isolated solitude thinking time which is scientifically proven to amplify reaction to or intensify feelings about the object of that obsessive thought and behavior. I’m sure you’ve cheated on a guy and hurt him badly or lied to someone or etc. I can bet my life you’ve wronged someone badly at some point in your life and according to this situation even if your wrong pales in comparison to his you’re still also not legally retarded or mentally handicapped so for your sin and the fact someone out there thinks you’re a total b***h you should have to serve 6 months to a year in jail. That’s fair right? Lol yea thought so idiot. If he were a normal sound minded sane person that could control his brain functions like you can then it’d be a different story and anything you said would be valid. Have an awesome day idiot :)

  • Denise Painter-Rauh

    Ms. Counts,
    After having read the blog…. my heart has a little dent in it for Michael …..apparently he is very lonely and has little self esteem….. locking him up does not help him… it is men like him who commit suicide . Unfortunately, 1000’s of men are, “left to the dogs” within our justice system…..Michael is one of those thousands…. Michael is probably a genius which can work against him… he is human….most everyone wants to be wanted and a significant other. I will admit that Michael would have scared me. However he need not be incarcerated as though he does not exist….prayers for Michael…..

    • Jack

      Micheal is “also one of those thousands” where stalking can lead to homicide and rape. I agree that he needs to be treated, but imprisonment is much better than letting him free.


    • Cee

      “Prayers for Michael”…and not the woman he stalked for years? Not the woman he threatened to murder? Whaaaaat?

      Zero sympathy for him. None at all. My sympathy goes toward this poor woman whose life he ruined.

  • Denise Painter Rauh

    I have empathy for Michaels mother….she has to be wounded and hurting so badly….What mother would not defend her child…. she did not dispute that he may be, “troubled” …. but…. perhaps if Leslie would have denied Michael in a humanistic manner, it would have not gotten to this point….. I would have done the very same….. how does keeping Michael in jail….help Michael, all it does is add to his loneliness and feeling of rejection not only by Leslie but by the whole , “human race”….I will pray for the both of you…

    • Cee

      This is insane. Are *you* his mother perhaps? I cannot believe you’re defending his actions and minimizing what he did. If she feels threatened, she is under NO obligation to protect his feelings.

      This is how women get murdered–because the crazies in their lives stalk them and threaten them, and the people who see these losers every day find ways to minimize it.

  • Seriously

    Some of you just don’t get it! Leslie and her family are the victims here! This guy is 34 years old and still obsessed with a girl who was nice to him in 8th grade! He clearly moved from small town Maine to follow her to Atlanta Somehow you think this is her fault?? If you only knew more of is story you would clearly know this is not normail! His mother has finally admitted the kid has a problem 20 years late, only after he was in jail not from the desperate attempts from her family! Maybe if they got him mental help when he threatened to blow up tjhe high school he wouldn’t be sitting in jail. At least for once in her life Leslie doesn’t have to watch her back!

    Maybe some of you should be friends with him and let him stalk and invade your personal privacy!

    • Beth

      Seriously – Sounds like you’re personally involved… is that the case? From all the posts I’m reading here it seems like no one is feeling anger towards Leslie’s family, only an equal amount of empathy for the Lake family. He needs help – she needs to let it go.

      I don’t see any proof that the whole threat of blowing up a school is even real. HE DIDN’T BRAKE ANY LAWS. Let it go already…

      What do you expect for him to stay in jail for the rest of his life for something he said? Maybe just let him finish his degree and get on with his life how about it?


      • Jane

        Maybe you need to read other sources see that this article doesn’t include all of the facts.


      • Cee

        Uh, threatening to blow up a school *is* breaking the law. You really, really need to read up on other cases exactly like this, where the crazy loner stalks and threatens and acts *exactly* like this–and eventually snaps and murders someone. This happens ALL THE TIME. And you know how it happens? Because people like you defend these losers. “Aw, let it go!” “Aw, he’s a victim too.” “Aw, he’s just [whatever minimizing phrase].”


  • Max

    It appears we have continued to be insensitive to the plight of the mentally ill like the early 19th Century when mentally ill persons filled our jails and prisons. It was activists like Dorothea Dix that led to more humane treatment of mentally ill people. In 1850 there was approximately one public psychiatric bed available for every 5,000 people. Statistics indicate as of 2010, there was one bed available for every 3,000 people, including the beds in private psychiatric hospitals and on psychiatric units of general hospitals. These statistics are disturbing and indicate that despite increased public awareness, comprehensive behavioral health treatment is still inadequate. Hubert Humphrey said: “The moral test of government is how it treats people in the dawn of life, the children, in the twilight of life, the aged, and in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” We should all pause and contemplate what would we think and feel if Michael Lake was our son, nephew, cousin or neighbor or better yet even ourselves? Would we want to rally for a man that has no criminal background who deserves protection from the system that is supposedly established to protect us from injustice? We should all agree with Ms. Counts “You don’t use the justice system to deal with fears of future conduct due to mental illness”.

  • Denise

    Todays society is very quick to “label” a person without knowing any details of the situation at hand…. Many years ago…..the same situation occurred in many homes, people who were, “deemed” mentally disturbed were simply locked in a room or put in the basement….. we do not live in that era, it is 2013. Michael has not done anything to disturb Leslie in many years, it appears to me that the family is intent to pursue their vengeance on Michael..let go your mission to destroy this young man……..he has been abused enough…. “bullied,” made fun of , ignored and labeled by his peers in his formatve years….he has not injured a sole, nor has he taken a life…in actuality his life has been taken from him…

  • maryannew

    Thank you for your post Max. I am that family member, one of many, that has watched helplessly as the “justice” system mishandled someone that desperately needed mental health treatment; not being locked up in the Cobb Detention Center and a never-ending circle of probation and parole that feeds on the poor. Ridiculous programs that cost so much that they drive the mentally ill to live on the streets rather than be taken back to jail for non-payment of programs that accomplish nothing. The system makes most people sicker than they were to begin with!

    Judge Ingram could make such an impact by creating programs that save people and restore normal lives than driving them to despair and often suicide. Some judges in Florida have taken it upon themselves to find ways to give hope. She should do the same.

  • Michael

    I do feel sorry for this young man and I truly hope he can find the help he needs but because he is ill does not mean this girl should live her life in fear. She’s done nothing to deserve his obsession and while yes he hasn’t hurt her or even seen her that can be verified he’s obviously still obsessed with her and following her to Atlanta is a red flag for any reasonably sane person to be concerned with. I won’t pretend I know best how to help him that’s for people with more knowledge than I but releasing him to continue obsessing over her isn’t going to help him and certainly won’t help her. Everyone defending him keeps saying he’s broken no laws he’s not hurt her but how often are those things said before someone obsessed goes to far and hurts or kills the object of that obsession then we ask why couldn’t they protect her they knew he was stalking her why didn’t they lock him up? He either needs to be held in mental hospital till he can cope with his obsession or left in jail but he most certainly shouldn’t be free to continue harassing this girl and her family.

    Max asked us to imagine Michael was our family member but imagine for a moment Leslie was your family member. Would you gamble her life that he won’t some day become violent?

  • Lorraine Stevens

    How was this man be charged with stalking since he did not follow her or drive by her home? How can he not be out on bond when murderers and rapists are allowed out on bond? How can he be charged for sending legal papers to her? He did not try to hand deliver them to her. If the indictment has been dropped, why is he is jail? Why has his lawyer allowed this to happen? Is this how we work with mental illness in this country? I am in total disbelief. It sounds like he is obsessed with this woman and has e-mailed her several times but has never threatened her in any way. I understand that she wants to get on with her life and never hear from Michael Lake again. I hope that Michael Lake can get on with his life if he can get out of jail. My advise to him is to leave and get as far away from Georgia as you can.

    • Charlotte


      You don’t have to have someone physically show up to get a restraining order now. Cyber stalking is now also recognized.

      “Stalking is a crime. Stalking is when someone follows, places under surveillance, or contacts another person at or about a place or places without the consent of the other person for the purpose of harassing and intimidating the other person, which places that person in reasonable fear for their safety or the safety of their immediate family. It does not require that a threat of death or bodily injury have been made.”

      I’ve been dealing with a TPO in the last 6 months, and it has all been virtual contact. I’ve found that it tends to be downplayed by most people, but it’s very violating and upsetting. I’ve been dismissed out of hand two times (but had one excellent officer who took it very seriously) when I went to file police reports, and was informed that unless he showed up nothing would be done. I can understand how it can seem trivial, but truly, it’s very stressful.

      There’s now plenty of scholarly research on the topic, but cyber stalking has been found to have the same impact as when it is done in person.


      Hope this helps shed a little light…

  • Anonymous
  • Leonora R

    The writer of this article, the attorney Ms. Counts, and Michael’s mom strike me as being out of their minds. This is not love, this is not a crush, this is not expression of freedom of speech. This is stalking. He MOVED TO ATLANTA to be near her. He has been stalking her for twenty years. Whether he is fully culpable or whether the culpability is reduced because of his illness is a separate question from the question of the proper way to characterize his behavior. The proper way to characterize his behavior, again, is as a crime–stalking. If he can’t be made to understand and abide by the necessity of staying away from this woman he has been tormenting for two decades, he needs to be put away. The end.

  • Kaytee

    This young man is a scary stalker (admittedly a mentally ill one) who has made Leslie’s life hell for two decades. I hope he rots in jail/psych ward forever!!

  • Nwkesq

    Guys, if you violate the terms of a restraining order, for instance, by contacting someone you were told, nay, ORDERED, not to contact, you have committed a crime. It is a separate criminal offense. The type of contact need not be a crime itself. So yes, he committed a crime — broke a law, as everyone keeps denying — when he mailed those documents to her in direct violation of the issued restraining order.

    • uga law student

      I believe violating a tpo is a crime only when done as a family violence order issued under title 19. But nonetheless, when you are talking about pure speech conduct it takes on a new layer of protection so while calling someone and saying “hello” could get you charged under 16-5-95, the indictment should not survive an as applied challenge and hopefully a section 1983 claim will hopefully follow one way or another. Peacefully violating a TPO with pure speech alone could result in civil contempt which is not criminal, but as long as pure speech is involved a contempt hearing should be dismissed-but the right to appeal has even a highest degree of protection. Even feeling threatened by pure speech is not enough to veto speech, otherwise any Jon Doe turning the radio dial could censor Rush Limbaugh for being on the public radio.
      I am sorry if people choose to be ignorant about the first amendment, or want to tell certain people they don’t have it simply because they are different. That idea is called speaker based discrimination and it has been held unconstitutional. Mr Lake experiences life differently than most of us, and I am sure we could learn a lot from him instead of trying to shoo him away and treating his as if he has no rights. Furthermore, we shouldn’t tell certain people they can’t appeal because they are different, we should explore what they are trying to communicate to try to find the greater political truth. They perhaps have unique insight into things that we as a society could benefit from. There are a lot of controversies with TPOs, the history of the first amendment over the centuries would tell us that TPOs are extremely dangerous, and maybe he had something extremely valuable to say and he lost his chance.

      It is my understanding that this alleged drama queen was pro-se, and that rule six of the appellate court requires that he serve her with a copy of his appeal. He is protected both by the US and state constitution, which protects his right to appeal. I am proud of him actually, in standing his ground he’s helped educate a lot of indigents to let them know how to defeat a wrongfully placed law of equity-and hopefully we will see more challenges to them in the future…however, such people may want to try declaratory relief under a 42 usc 1983 declaratory injunction against a District Attorney instead to be safe.
      Speaking of such relief, many corporations have done a section 1983 claim as their commercial mass mailings could fall under a captive audience doctrine. Which is interesting, so long as speech doesn’t fall within an unprotected category, constitutionally all a person can do to avoid a bombardment of their sensibilities is it to avert their eyes, or send the contents of an envelop to the trash can. Furthermore, Legal mail has extra protection over normal mail because people are entitled to have meaningful access to the courts under the first and 6th amendment.

      I am quite curious as to all the recent interest in this case from one side. It would be sad if they are actually publicly attacking an innocent man whom she had just sent to jail for almost two years for asking her to join him for pizza, bullied him into agreeing to a consent order so she could attack him repeatedly and he couldn’t respond. This is quite disturbing,when her own conduct, in theory, could be felonious under 16-10-32(b)(1).

      Somehow I think if Leslie was really afraid of him that she wouldn’t want to be in the center of attention and publicly attacking him. I think she is going on the offensive because she knows what she’s done to him was evil but cannot allow herself to say she was in the wrong. The question I am interested in with some of these extreme and unsubstantiated claims, is how far will she go to try to protect her image. I bet her true reason for the TPO was so Mr Lake wouldn’t ever be able to respond to some truly extreme accusations; I just wonder how dirty this woman is. But suppose she somehow does have a fear. Personally if anyone is causing Leslie to fear for her safety, I would think it is the left wing activist trying to limit her one world view to theirs-which by definition unsound- rather than be free to engage in full and robust debate with him in which he was never allowed to participate in. I would suggest if she wants to know what he is capable of, then tear down the walls and use the first amendment for what it was meant to do-To discover the truth. If she is scared that he might obtain her contact info, then create a fake email account and use an anonymous ip address. The problem I doubt has even been about contact itself, I think the problem has always been the lack of contact. I would suspect if they maintain even the most minimalist of communications there wouldn’t be this unknown factor for which people are saying extremely cruel things about-God, one has to wonder about these activist condemning a man whose done no wrong. Although, if she were to extend an olive branch I certainly wouldn’t advise him to trust her. After what she’s just pulled, no one in their right mind should ever want anything to do with her. I never heard of a case where an American was locked up for appealing a case, and the evil involved here, rises to the feel I would say is shocking to the conscious! He’s a brave person who defended individual freedom, and he is a real hero! If I were her, I would be begging him for an apology and being extremely nice to him rather than attacking him like that. If her allegations are proven false, which I suspect they are as Mr lake refused to plea, I wonder what kind of reputation she’ll be left with.

      • Hannah A

        Your reading of the situation is deranged and bespeaks a truly frightening level of misogyny, Law Student. If you enjoy scaring women congrats, you’ve sure creeped this one out. In any case, should you manage to pass the bar, at least stalkers where know where to turn for a zealous defense. Whether juries will be susceptible to your arguments that stalkers are heroes is another story.

  • llamentations

    Wow, what a horrible mother this man has, to excuse such behavior. Perhaps with better support he might have been able to choose a different path. At least he’s finally being kept from disrupting this wonderful young woman’s life.

    • Kathie

      The bottom line is the man is mentally I’ll. I hear everyone talk about this poor girl and how she is a victim of a “nut job” seriously? This young man has problems that he CANNOT help. Should she have to put up with it? Of course not. Is his mother a bad parent because she advocates for her mentally I’ll son? Of course not. Should he be imprisiond for his whole life because no proper treatment is available? Of course not. All three are victims of a broken system. If they would put forth the effort to get the help this man,his mother, and victim all need this wouldnt even be an issue. I dont blame them i blame us.

  • To Affraid to say.

    I had to stop reading at Judge Lark Ingram. This poor kid was doomed from the start. This has got to be the worst Judge in the history of Cobb County. Thanks to her I can no longer see my child. She let me get abused by the court system and failed as a Judge period. My story is too long to post or debate here. Just beware if you are a man its not going to go in your favor.