Yup, that’s our mayor in this kid’s bar mitzvah video

One Atlanta teen (or maybe his mom) sure knows how to network


Well, I have a birthday coming up and haven’t even gotten my act together to set up an Evite. On the other hand, Daniel Blumen, who will celebrate his bar mitzvah in May, put together a video invitation featuring cameos by mayor Kasim Reed, Frank Ski, and Ne-Yo—along with a charmingly awkward version of Jermaine Dupri’s “Welcome to Atlanta.”

Everyone from the ABC News to BuzzFeed has been amused. And as of this morning, Daniel’s video had 127,000 hits on YouTube and counting. And as of this evening, I still will not have gotten my act together vis a vis that whole Evite business.

The mayor shows up at the 2:15 mark.

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  • http://LAwithKids.com Jody

    I just hope there are no other pressing issues for the mayor to get involved in. I am sure there are no social issues or unemployment in Atlanta etc for the political leadership and pop culture icons to spend there time with.
    This is not what a Bar Mitzvah was ever meant to be. Borderline offensive to this Jewish writer as well.