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Louie Blueridge


Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Jack Russell
Pet's age: 9
Your pet lives to . . . Chase and fetch his weasel, eat yogurt and baby food, and he loves to be in the kitchen while I'm cooking in case anything falls!
If your pet had a theme song, it would be: He actually has a song that I made up to him and sing, but one people would know would be Joy To the World, by Three Dog Night
Your nickname(s) for your pet: Misty Man, Mr. Mr., Monkey Man, Misty, Boonkie Man, Pinky, Lou Lou, Tooter Bug....the list can go on and on!
What makes your pet special? He is so protective of me and always makes me feel special and safe. He is also the kindest around the elderly and young. He loves to sit in my Granna's lap and watch birds with her. I know people say they are like their dogs, but Louie is just like me!
Submitted by MereStone from Westside On 8/7/2013  · This has been rated 147 times.

And the winner is . . .

Pets of the Month
These adorable mugs made it into the magazine. (Click on the album title to start at the beginning.)

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