Atlanta Magazine - Pet Cover Contest
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How old is your pet? 5
If your pet were a celebrity, he/she would be: Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh
What headline would go on your pet's cover? Small dog in a big world!
Tell us what makes your pet special. Peanut was the runt of her litter, hence her small size - only 25 pounds. She is the most unactive dog on earth. Peanut would prefer a nap (under the covers, of course) than going to the dog park or socializing with other dogs. She loves being with her Mommmy...and only her Mommy! She loves wearing clothes, hates men (a progressive thinker, I believe) and digging invisible holes in the carpet. She really enjoys eating watermelon right out of the rind. Oh, and if you wake her from a nap, she'll sigh at you. Seriously.
Submitted by Kimberly Cox from Woodstock On 6/16/2010