Atlanta Magazine - Pet Cover Contest
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How old is your pet? 4 months
If your pet were a celebrity, he/she would be: He'd be a cross between Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson, and George Clooney because ladies of all ages adore him.
What headline would go on your pet's cover? The soon-to-be second most famous bulldog in Georgia...Louie
Tell us what makes your pet special. Louie is more than just the adorable face you see in the pictures. While most bulldogs are known simply for their lounging around and excessive napping, Louie has become quite fond of exploring the outside world. Don't get me wrong though...he's got the napping thing down pat as well. On an outing with Louie, be prepared to meet many new people, as his presence can only be described as magnetic. One of the most enjoyable traits about Louie is that he never meets a stranger, canine or human. Upon meeting him for the first time, people are often surprised at how quickly they find themselves on the receiving end of a slobbery, bulldog kiss. Whether he’s riding his skateboard, running through Piedmont Park, or curled up on the couch enjoying a movie with us, it is apparent that he is much more than your average pet. However, to appreciate just how truly special Louie is, you really need to meet him…I know he’s looking forward to it.
Submitted by Tripp Phelps from Atlanta, GA On 7/5/2010