Atlanta Magazine - Pet Cover Contest
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How old is your pet? 7 yrs
If your pet were a celebrity, he/she would be: Ellen Degeneres--because both are blondes with a sense of humor. They are both compassionate, giving and funny. What Ellen can do with her money, time, and influence, Buddy does with his heart and soul. And this he does with a a smile on his face.
What headline would go on your pet's cover? Some angels have 4 paws and wear fur coats.
Tell us what makes your pet special. Before retiring from teaching middle school, Buddy accompanied me EVERY day to work. He was the "teacher's pet" for 2.5 years. Buddy has been a member of Happy Tails for 3 years. This is a local pet therapy group in which owner/dog teams visit facilities to share their unconditional love and give others a break from routine. Our regular monthly visits include an adult rehab center, a children's rehab center (Scottish Rite), a children's and adolescents' psychiatric residence, and Ronald McDonald House. Buddy is also a member of a national therapy group called HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response. We work in conjunction with the Red Cross and Operation Home Front. Our mission is to offer comfort and encouragement through animal-assisted support to individuals affected by crises and disasters. Buddy and I visited the shelter set up in Cobb County people who had been displaced as a result of the Flood of 2008.. Children and Red Cross volunteers enjoyed being with Buddy and gave them a break from being inside. We went to Savannah to spend Christmas Day with soldiers who had just returned fro Iraq and had no where to go to spend the holiday. Buddy has enriched my life as well as others! He IS an angel in dog fur and he’s my best friend!
Submitted by Shelly Weininger from Lawrenceville On 7/27/2010