Atlanta Magazine - 2010 Pet Cover Contest - Semifinals
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How old is your pet? 7 years
If your pet were a celebrity, he/she would be: Harrison Ford
What headline would go on your pet's cover? Graham Jumps at the Chance for an Adventure
Tell us what makes your pet special. The best way to describe Graham is: an honest dog. He will do anything asked of him. He loves to learn and tries very hard to please. He loves to participate in dock diving, agility, tracking, hunting and other events. If I take a few days off and not train, he’s on the sofa, in my lap, staring at me, imploring me to interact and teach him something. Everywhere he goes, the first thing people notice about him is his tail because it is wagging – non-stop, all the time – no matter what he is doing. He has never met anyone, human or canine, that he didn’t like. I’ve yet to find something Graham won’t do, but his highest calling is being my best friend. Hmmm, I wonder what else he has in store for me.
Submitted by Marilyn from Roswell On 8/4/2010