Atlanta Magazine - 2010 Pet Cover Contest - Semifinals
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How old is your pet? 8
If your pet were a celebrity, he/she would be: Gloria Estefan
What headline would go on your pet's cover? Can't Keep a Good Woman (or Dog) Down!
Tell us what makes your pet special. In January, Ginger was viciously attacked by a larger dog while we were on a walk. As a result, she was degloved and her skin was completely ripped off of her back. After extensive surgery at Georgia Veterinary Specialists to repair her injuries, and 13 days of ICU care from a team of surgeons, nurses, and technicians, Ginger came home. Today, Ginger is close to being fully recovered. Throughout it all, Ginger has been a fighter! With the odds against her, she exhibited extreme willpower to live and to overcome adversity. Her incredible strength allowed her tiny body and huge personality to recover, so we could be reunited and my best friend could return home. And, remarkably, Ginger is the same dog she was before the attack . . . lovable, sweet, trusting, strong, and sassy! This sweet Ginger Peach is a survivor and an inspiration for us all.
Submitted by Jessica Bickley from Atlanta On 8/4/2010