Atlanta Magazine - 2010 Pet Cover Contest - Semifinals
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How old is your pet? 10ish
If your pet were a celebrity, he/she would be: The Dude from The Big Lebowski
What headline would go on your pet's cover? Handsome Sampson or Don't Worry, Be Happy
Tell us what makes your pet special. Like his patchwork coat, one blue eye / one brown eye, and red tongue always hanging out, Sammy (aka Handsome Sampson) is a unique and rascally character with a colorful past. After he was rescued from a Miami shelter, he had to learn the basics, like barking and jumping into a car. Now, he entertains us by singing for his breakfast, practicing his military crawl, and climbing onto counters with stealth-like precision to eat entire rum cakes. Besides playing with his stuffed animal babies, Sammy is also a dedicated and enthusiastic worker. He was a therapy dog for "Happy Tails," and his current position is customer greeter at Evolve Boutique. But above everything else, he adores his family; he takes turns sleeping with each of us, making sure everyone gets a bit of Sammy love.
Submitted by Joyce Justicz from Atlanta On 8/5/2010