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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Golden Retriever
Pet's age: 10 months
Your pet gets in trouble when: Jumps onto the counters to pull things off, especially when she smells food; jumps onto the backs of our furniture like our 10 lb. Bichon; or pushes me off the bed because she thinks my spot is actually her spot. Bailey is a mischievous pup which ensures no dull moments at our house.
Your pet gets praise when: Walks well on the leash without choking herself out; actually fetches the ball rather than running toward it and thinking "ball, ball, ball, SQUIRREL..." then running in the total opposite direction, completely ADD, with ear muffs on.
Describe your pet's perfect day. Bailey: "My perfect day is waking up in mom and dad's bed and rolling over for a 20-minute belly scratch. Then dad takes me outside to throw the ball or go for a long walk. If I had my way, I'd have a limitless supply of food and treats, and leaves, to eat! I love to explore, so I'd like to go anywhere that I can see new things or hear new sounds and get into trouble. Although I haven't tried out swimming yet, I suspect I'd really like that too, because I swim in my water bowl every time I get a chance! After a long day of play, play, play, I'd like to curl back up in mom and dad's bed, with my head on mom's pillow, and go to sleep. Then wake up and do it all over again!"
What makes your pet special? Bailey was an orphan that we adopted from the Park Pet Haven in Tucker, Ga. She's the biggest love who enjoys life to the fullest. Even after all that she's been through, Bailey loves everyone and everything. Although she is very curious, which gets her into trouble, she doesn't let that stop her. She thinks she's a small dog and has no problem jumping in your lap when you least expect it.
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