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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Boxer/ mixed
Pet's age: 7 weeks/ a puppy in training
Your pet gets in trouble when: chews our socks and feet
Your pet gets praise when: goes to the bathroom outside and when she returns the ball we throw for her.
Describe your pet's perfect day. When she is calm and sweet and sleeping in my arms, then she is an angel. Cali loves to chase a ball and she is learning to bring it back.
What makes your pet special? We adopted her from the pound where she would have been put down in one week . Her eyes are blue and she is a sweetheart puppy who loves to please our family. She is very smart for a puppy her age.
Submitted by Deborah Kallao from Cumming , Ga. On 12/28/2012  · This has been rated 2 times.