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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: boxer/boston terrier
Pet's age: 1.5 years
Your pet gets in trouble when: ....she takes our socks out of the (very tall!) dirty laundry hamper and eats/hides them from us!
Your pet gets praise when: .... protects us from other dangerous creatures such a lions, dogs, wolves, bears, aliens, Avatars, zombies, Ewoks, hobbits and cartoons. Did I mention she hates seeing other creatures on TV and tries to attack them? (good girl!)
Describe your pet's perfect day. Basil's perfect day starts off with sleeping in very late in (her) fluffy and warm queen size bed. Then she stretches for a long time & puts on her sweater to keep warm and has a big breakfast- she usually gets some cereal mixed with her dog food! Then for the best day ever, she would get to play at the dog park all day & run faster than every other dog there! She would finish the night off by cuddling up and watching her favorite TV show, Law & Order SVU.
What makes your pet special? Basil is so special because she is so smart and loving! We adopted her from Atlanta Humane Society & our life has never been the same. She understands everything we say to her and loves to be a part of our daily routine. She actually watches TV which is hilarious and always pops her head up when she sees an animal or weird creature (anything unhuman!). She loves to sleep in our bed under the covers and cuddle all night. Basil is incredibly fast and agile, and always gets people & other dogs attention at the park. She is such a special puppy to us!
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