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Marley & Abby


Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Yorkie & Poodle
Pet's age: 5 & 12
Your pet gets in trouble when: Marley gets in trouble when he realizes that we are going somewhere and can't stand still long enough to get his leash on. Abby gets in trouble when she pushes Marley around.
Your pet gets praise when: Marley gets praise when he "settles", meaning that I can get him to settle down for an outing. Abby always gets praise because she is the best girl ever!
Describe your pet's perfect day. Going to Newtown Dog Park for an entire day while Marley socializes with the dogs and Abby with the humans.
What makes your pet special? Abby has been my best friend for 10 years. She is close to perfect in every way. She is the love of my life! Marley is the new addition to my family, he is special in many ways but what makes him so special is his ability to unconditionally love humans after being in a least 3 different homes. He is a great boy!
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