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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: French Bulldog
Pet's age: 3
Your pet gets in trouble when: dines on random vegitation in the yard
Your pet gets praise when: follows commands and learns new tricks
Describe your pet's perfect day. Bruce’s perfect days would consist of him waking up early for breakfast, he loves to eat, and then going back to bed. After his morning nap, on his perfect day, we would load up all our beach and kayak gear and head out to spend the day on the ocean. Bruce loves to ride in the kayak and bark and chase the seagulls. Once good and tired from running all over the beach, Bruce loves to take a nap in a nice shady spot and just listen to the sounds of the ocean. Feeling rested and ready for more adventure, Bruce watches his dad fish and barks at anything that’s caught. After a long day at the beach, Bruce always falls asleep in the car. Once we’re back at home, Bruce is ready for dinner! He’ll gobble up his dinner faster than a “hungry, hungry, hippo”. At the end of such a perfect day, Bruce curls up in bed, next to his mom and falls fast asleep, snoring louder than you think would be possible.
What makes your pet special? Bruce always knows when I'm sad and need cheering up. He never fails to shower me with kisses when I'm having a bad day.
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