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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Pitweiler
Pet's age: 6mo
Your pet gets in trouble when: Eats My Shoes
Your pet gets praise when: Lets 4 kids love her to death and never seems to mind the chaos.
Describe your pet's perfect day. In the morning Karma pounces on the children in their beds to wake them up for school. Loves on them for a while then cries at the door as they leave for school. The rest of the day she spends lounging around the house or playing outside at different intervals and sleeping under my office chair as I work. As soon as she hears the bus a block away she becomes excited running in circles through the house with joy waiting on the kids to walk through the door where she greets them with kisses and tail wags ready to play.
What makes your pet special? She cries at the door when the kids leave for school, rotates who she sleeps with (we have 4 children) on her own so they don't get jealous, she only barks at strangers and immediately stops and is friendly upon command. She is a sweet puppy even though her breed may have a "bad rep" She's become a necessary part of our family.
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