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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Great Pyrenees
Pet's age: 1 year
Your pet gets in trouble when: Digs. It's the only bad thing he does. It's impossible to keep him clean!
Your pet gets praise when: listens. He's been a quick learner during his training sessions. We're planning to make him a therapy dog soon!
Describe your pet's perfect day. It starts with an early morning walk, before it gets too hot. Then it's off to doggie daycare. He loves other dogs more than anything. After a full day of playing, it's time to snuggle up next to Mom & Dad and fall asleep beside us.
What makes your pet special? We rescued him when he was just a puppy. I think he knows how lucky he is. He turns a lot of heads when he walks down the street, and he steals a lot of hearts with his big sloppy kisses!
Submitted by Karla Dempsey from Newnan On 7/3/2011  · This has been rated 133 times.