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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Pit Bull
Pet's age: 1 1/2
Your pet gets in trouble when: Tries to eat my chef shoes or take the cat's toys!
Your pet gets praise when: Takes care of our foster puppies, behaves like a gentleman, snuggles with his mom!
Describe your pet's perfect day. Wilson would sleep in and snuggle, then go to the park and play with his friends, visit the pet store to be told how handsome he is and buy a new frisbee then go to Grandma's house where he gets to lick the dishes and watch the Braves on tv! Then, he would hop on mom's bed and sleep on the pillows!
What makes your pet special? Wilson has never met a person or animal who he doesn't love! He wants everything to be his best friend. He has the biggest smile and loves to make his people happy! And he's just really handsome :)
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