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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Cocker Spainel
Pet's age: 5
Your pet gets in trouble when: Pumpkin gets in trouble when she jumps on my head at 5 am to let me know she wants to get up and play.
Your pet gets praise when: Does her tricks. She has learned to lay down & stand up. She is learning how to spell. If i spell " F O O D" She knows to go to the kitchen.
Describe your pet's perfect day. Pumpkin loves to be brushed first thing in the am...followed by breakfast & a quick run around the tennis courts. she loves tennis balls. After that she enjoys a nap in the middle of the bed...she will make her own cozy space and mess up the blankets. After her quick nap she loves to play with her doggie neighbor friends in the court yard. For dinner she enjoys a big bowl of dog food with a side of sweet potatos. Pumpkin has food allergies, so she only gets certain foods for treats. After dinner she enjoys taking a long walk to explore followed by a back rub & off to bed.
What makes your pet special? I call Pumpkin my special needs pup. she is a rescue dog with severe allergies to food & pollen. She takes 3 differ pills a day and eats vet specific dog food. She is the most loving pup dispite her situation. Rescue dogs are truly the best. She is my best friend!
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