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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Chihuahua
Pet's age: 4 years
Your pet gets in trouble when: Goes potty inside and not in her litter box… Yes, she has a litter box!
Your pet gets praise when: Does a good job playing fetch with her toys, goes to the bathroom where she is supposed to, shows off her few tricks and about everything in between.
Describe your pet's perfect day. Chula's perfect day begins by sleeping in until at least 10. She loves her sleep and does not like to be disturbed. For the next few hours she prefers to sun bathe on the patio and bark at the occasional passerby. Throughout the day she will randomly check out her food and water bowl to see what new treats have appeared, hoping her dad will pop some popcorn. Later in the afternoon she loves to go for a walk and play fetch with her fun-sized baseball. She is an excellent fielder and loves to show off her quick speed. To wrap up the day, Chula enjoys lots of snuggling and attention from her parents.
What makes your pet special? Chula is 4 years old and still weighs in under 2 lbs! Being this tiny, she has always been very smart and aware of her surroundings. She thinks she's big and loves to show how tough she is to any dog she sees. She is a real lover underneath and is friendly to pretty much anyone that gives her attention. Chula has visited Dominican Republic and Mexico. She loves the beach and chasing the seagulls is one of her favorite things to do. She is a big Braves fan, but still can't seem to find a jersey that is quite her size...
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