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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Jack Russell and Beagle mix
Pet's age: 5
Your pet gets in trouble when: When she isn't on a leash and sees a bird, squirrel, or cat. This is one of the only times she doesn't follow command
Your pet gets praise when: Kloey gets lots of praise, she is so spoiled with rub downs, treats, attention, and park visits. I praise her for lots of good behavior.
Describe your pet's perfect day. Kloey would love a day of playing in an open field able to sunbath, roll in the grass, roam, and bark at passing animals, but what would make the day perfect is if she had an unlimited amount of balls to play and fetch with. Kleoy's idea of heaven is a room full of balls!
What makes your pet special? Kloey is a rescue from south GA, she came home with me at just 6weeks. She has a natural mo-hawk. I have never met someone who didn't fall in love with Kloey, and it is because of her playful yet dignified personality. She has been the only "child" her whole life and eats up the attention, and she knows she is the priority of this household. Kleoy is so smart in so many ways. Watching her fetch the ball at the park is fun for many people, she has been clocked at running 22 mph during agility class, she is only 22lbs but has long skinny legs to help her achieve the speed.
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