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London Bridges


Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Pet's age: Two
Your pet gets in trouble when: Pee-pees on the sly in his "marked" spot, thinking that I would not notice! :-(
Your pet gets praise when: Loves up on Mommy (sooooooo cute!!!). Also, when he goes "pee-pee and potty" outside!!! Yorkies are soooooooo hard to fully train. LOL!!!
Describe your pet's perfect day. London and I share a King-Size bed. Just he and I ~ my true bestie!!! When we wake-up in the morning, he jumps on me and gives me LOTS OF LOVE! We get up and he goes to potty outside, maybe chasing a few small birds on his retractable leash. We come inside and he gets a tasty and warm "Taste of The Wild" breakfast, to later ride around town in the SUV. London LOVES to ride around. At every stop light, he jumps to look out of the window to see where we are. He is soooooo smart!!! We play, he naps under the bed, we love up, we bond FOREVER!!! I just love my sweet, precious little boy, London Bridges Quashie!!! :-)
What makes your pet special? London Bridges is ubber loving! He is as cute as a button, and loves to give presents of a leaf or small twig when he sees someone outside who wants to play with him. Praise God, London is healthy and happy. He is so sweet and special... Just a PERFECT little boy!!!
Submitted by Caryl D. Quashie from Alpharetta On 4/27/2012  · This has been rated 36 times.