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Go on. You know I'm adorable.

Pet's breed: Mixed- Chihuahua/Jack Russell
Pet's age: 8 1/2 years old
Your pet gets in trouble when: Chases tractors, cars, trucks and cows!
Your pet gets praise when: He is so sweet as I get terrible migraines and recently gone through two back surgeries and he stays by me where ever I go.
Describe your pet's perfect day. I live on a farm in south Georgia in a farming community called Hartsfield. He loves to go out fresh early in the morning to check out all teh new smells and to see if he can spot any tractors going by or working in the nearby fields to bark at. He loves to ride on the lawnmower with me and drive it as in picture three,and loves for me to let my top down on my Nissan 350 Z Roadstar and barks at everything then.
What makes your pet special? I think Peanut was born special as he has two different colored eyes..a blue and a brown eye. I had origionaly gotten Peanut for my ex-partner who was paralyzed from his chest down in a car accident. Over time Peanut has become both of our hero's as he is such a owner loving pet and very protective. He is truly the best buddy I have ever had animal wise. I grew up on a farm and always had animals, but Peanut is just so different.
Submitted by Jeff from South Georgia Farm On 5/25/2012  · This has been rated 5 times.